Antifoul Systems and Boat Care


TomBuoys—a  leading retailer of boat fenders, buoys and environmentally responsible products that either complement or replace traditional anti foul paint.

Our objective is to offer our customers a better boating experience with exceptional products providing sustainable alternatives and complementary methods to reduce pollution caused by antifoul.

Solutions for both commercial and leisure craft,  the aim is to

1. reduce running costs for the boat owner / operator associated with boat maintenance and
2. increased engine / hull efficiency.

Mariners have been plagued with the same old problem of marine growth on the hull, power train and steering gear for their craft.

With this comes:

• Reduced speed due to extra drag.
• Increased fuel consumption, estimated at as much as 20%.
• Propeller cavitation (which in turn causes extensive damage to propellers).
• Expensive annual haul outs and repainting cost.

Wherever your vessel is exposed to raw seawater you need to protect against biofouling. On the outside, the build-up of algae, weeds, barnacles and other unwanted marine life will slow you down and increase your fuel bill. On the inside, marine organisms can restrict cooling water and even damage your engine.

Our product range makes access to fast, easy methods that deliver effective solutions - they also pay for themselves, so return on investment is realistic - we can do the maths.

Our vision is to provide the entire marine recreational boat market with a completely non-toxic and also work-saving product range at a reasonable cost for boat owners.