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Starting from £2000

Welcome to Dockydock– Foam filled self contained on-water docking system -  the most cost effective way to dramatically reduce your maintenance and running costs for your boat.

Wet -docking your boat at water level,  keeping it in excellent  condition, with a hull that’s virtually free of marine growth.

UK Patent GB1712325.8.

As well as the only way to cap off your perfect day on the water. with a perfect docking, first time, every time.

We could either bore you to death with reams of technical data and a long winded sales spiel, or you can click on the  link and after just a few minutes will be left wondering why didn’t someone come up with this years ago.

DockyDock also provides an alternative to toxic antifoul products so helping in marine life conservation.

DockyDock is easy to install and relocate.

Some key points for purchasing a #DockyDock include 

The unique design makes docking your boat so much easier
The footprint is about the same size as the boat (actually smaller in some instances), therefore no problems in tight spaces or marinas
Inconspicuous: some marinas have already banned other alternatives because they are unsightly and potentially dangerous
No issues in shallow waters; if you can get your boat in and out, you can have a DockyDock
There is no additional stress or strain placed on your pontoon or jetty
Your boat remains at water level meaning no chance of the boat rolling over or having to climb up to board or blocking your water views
Completely self contained. No bulky and hazardous control boxes or pipes to trip over
No hard plastic or metal parts to damage your boat if something goes wrong
No metal parts to corrode
No moving parts to service
Keeps water out of inlet pipes preventing sea growth and other build up in these vital channels
You will save money on maintenance by keeping your boat’s legs, shafts and propellers virtually free of marine growth.

Your boat no longer requires antifoul, therefore

Your boat will go faster
You will save money on fuel
You will be helping the environment, no more toxic #antifoul paint.
It will improve the resale value of your boat
Return on investment  - you do the maths  - we suggest 2/3 years depending upon boat size and maintenance regime. 

Available for any size or shape of boat upto 100ft
Starting from £2000 including UK Delivery and Installation.
3 year warranty 
Marine finance your Dock
 The question for motorboat owners becomes not “Can I afford #Dockydock ” but instead, “can I afford not to have a #DockyDock
To get your DockyDock, e-mail us at We'll get you a quote including UK Delivery and Installation!