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Since 1973, when AC Canoe Products was formed by ex world champion slalom canoeist, Robin Witter, AC Rotational Moulders has gained an unrivaled reputation for producing bespoke, innovative & versatile design led products, such as freestyle, ocean racing, slalom, wild water, flat water & sea canoes & kayaks, including for those with special needs, for leading companies & organisations in the world of water sport. By the mid eighties extensive research & development in the water sport sector led to demand from the marine leisure dinghy market, where AC Rotational Moulders supports international boat designers with a specialism in durable, safe, low maintenance, versatile starter/training dinghy hulls
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We utilize the latest technology in the design and manufacture of our products and we always strive to make our products affordable for customers. We are proud to announce our new product launch of the DockyDock and with our award winning capability to customize products, the DockyDock cover can be tailored to any size or shape of boat. Developing products is not easy. We prototype each and every product we sell, to ensure that what we promise to the customer is kept and fulfilled. With DockyDock, we have worked with boat owners to understand the challenges of maintaining and harbouring the boat. Our solution is DockyDock.
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In 1991, two water enthusiasts started EZ Dock after finding that traditional dock options just couldn’t meet their needs. Our EZ Dock founders researched dock manufacturers around the world and couldn’t find one that was truly designed for longtime use and for maximizing time on the water.

Our founders discovered that wooden systems had to be dismantled and set up every season. They also had to be painted and repaired as they peeled and rotted. This not only meant more time spent on the dock — and less time in the water — but it raised environmental concerns as well since that stripped off paint often ends up in the water.

The resulting product and collaboration has thrilled industrial, commercial, government and residential customers since 1991. We have developed versatile and customizable solutions for all our clients, so you can create a multiple-boat marina or a simple floating dock. We offer products for wetlands, as well as for kayakers, PWC owners and many more applications. All our products are eco-friendly and made to last. In fact, our docks have weathered multiple tropical storms, and the government calls on us when they need docks and floating platforms for emergency relief.

We are proud of the products that we build, and the fact that we offer an unbeatable value when it comes to this type of longer term investment. Today, we are the industry leader in floating modular docks, offering a wide selection of dock systems, boat and PWC lifts, and accessories. Combining strength and stability with light weight and low maintenance, our patented designs have applications in both the commercial marine and residential markets.

EZ Dock is a part of PlayPower, Inc., the world’s largest recreational manufacturer, which gives us the resources to employ the best people and keep research, development and innovation at the forefront of what we do.
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The Megaflatables slogan was born out of our desire to help you create the perfect bespoke advertising inflatables. We understand the capital, time and effort that goes into your event, promotion or new business drive. You need to attract attention and provide a solid return on investment. We can help you lure footfall to your promotion and alert the wider audience to your business and events.

Our inflatables are as unique as your ideas, business and people. From striking point-of-sale items and bespoke products, through to inflatable spheres, blimps and buildings – we live and breathe promotional inflatables. One of the biggest challenges is making your target audience aware of your business, promotion or event. Traditional advertising competes in a big space. We are all bombarded with sales and marketing messages on a daily basis. Inflatable advertising stands out. It is fun, creative and unique. The results get your business noticed and people talking.

For over a decade, Megaflatables have created cost-effective, expert outdoor inflatable advertising. It is the memorable way to inject fun into your event and enthral the crowd. Our design team can guide you through the process and provide their expertise. When you partner with Megaflatables, you are choosing a professional service, quality materials and value for money. Our inflatable products are strong, durable and beautifully made. Our design process is simple and easy. We can help you with a single site installation or larger projects, such as rolling multi-site national events. No job is too big or small.

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Multi-Mover Europe BV is a leading manufacturer and designer of electrical pedestrian power tugs and electric power dollies. We commerce electric pedestrian tractors since 2005. Besides basic models Multi-Mover also manufactures electric hand tractors for other companies as well as customised electric tractors.

The Multi-Mover is a Dutch product. All our products are EC, 12-months German UVV and TÜV certified and have a 2-year guarantee.
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Norfloat International uses rotational moulding in the manufacture of navigational aids, rigid and inflatable mooring buoys, beach marking, fenders and race marks. Its range of marker buoys and fenders have been used on a commercial scale for almost half a century, making it one of the most well respected manufacturers of such products worldwide.

The buoys are made from environmentally friendly UV stabilised polyethylene and pressure filled using marine grade polyurethane. They require virtually no maintenance or cleaning and they are used by fishermen, harbour masters, local authorities, governments and sailing associations across the globe.

Norfloat International was purchased in 2003 to increase the company’s product range allowing them to service their customers’ needs more fully.

The company prides itself on meeting customers’ expectations and can tailor its range of products to meet its customers’ exact specifications. Manufactured locally, the company has the ability to change virtually anything that may be required by its customers.

The company’s reputation is such that Norfloat International had the honour of playing a part in Britain’s ‘big year’, providing the buoys for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations on the Thames in London. And a few weeks later its products were used in the London 2012 Olympic events which were held in Portland, in the South of England.

At Sevylor we share a simple aim: to make high-quality, affordable inflatable water sport and recreation products, all of which encourage people to get outside and have fun.

Since our first international success in 1949, we’re proud to have established a global reputation as a market leader with unique designs, original inventions and imagination at the forefront of what we do.  Leaders in innovaTion Our PVC inflatables cover a broad spectrum of activities and include kayaks, boats and more. Sixty years of experience, together with the latest design technology, allows us to offer cutting edge products that meet the highest levels of quality and deliver customer satisfaction.

Designed to be portable and practical, all our products have one thing in common: to inspire people to get outside and enjoy themselves.We Take fun seriously.

The road from Sevylor’s founding in 1948 as the dominant supplier of a wide range of PVC inflatables from river running kayaks to brightly colored beach balls is still going strong today, with unique designs,original inventions and imagination.

The first inflatable to receive rave notice was a small bathtub called the “Dou Dou.” Perfect for postwar France, the inflatable tub was portable, convenient, practical, easy to clean, durable, and most of all, more affordable than it’s wood or metal counterparts.

Sevy quickly outgrew it’s facilities in Vitry so the factory was moved to the picturesque Alsatian village of Buhl. After establishing it’s new headquarters, and convinced of it’s golden potential, the company added the letters “l’or” (French for gold) to it’s name. The company expanded into developing valves, pumps, boats, inflatable pools and avariety of water toys.
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The Sonihull ultrasonic antifouling system by NRG Marine uses the latest digital electronics and ultrasonic transducer technology. This system works by producing bursts of ultrasonic energy in multiple frequencies, the energy creates a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure. Microscopic bubbles are created from the negative pressure, while the positive pressure implodes them forming vapor cavities known as cavitation. The result of the implosion is a micro jet action that creates a cleaning effect on the hulls surface below the waterline. It also resonates and destroys single cell organisms such as algae. Removing the initial link in the food chain prevents barnacles and other marine life to feed on the algae.
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